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About tailoring

For applications that will sell in quantities of 50 and more, a tailor made solution can very well be the most cost effective way to go. It can also be interesting for customers that need smaller quantities, but have a higher demand for advanced system integration.


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Tailoring gives the customer an opportunity to get a product which is optimal for his application, without having to start a costly full custom development process.

All designs are based on ready developed generic concepts. These are combined and made to measure in such a manner that the resulting product will be a unique match for the application.

Tailor made products can help the customer save space, labour and hardware costs.


A typical product can have any or all of the options mentioned below:

  • Low cost camera with one or multiple CMOS sensors
  • trigger / exposure interface
  • Color filter
  • polarizer
  • mirrors
  • One or more lamps size and color adjusted to application
  • Flash or continuous lighting
  • Single flash, or multiple flash in sequence
  • Digital input/output
  • Trigger by photocel, pulse encoder, PLC etc.
  • RS232, RS485, USB or ethernet
  • Profibus, CAN, DMX512, etc
  • actuator drivers
Sensing / conditioning
  • Temperature sensor
  • Relative humidity sensor
  • Window defogger heater


The actual products are purchased for a price in the order of magnitude of the price a standard product.

The tailoring cost are formed by the engineering hours needed to tailor the standard concept to the customers specific needs.


Lead times

Depending on the specific needs, leadtimes of 2-3 months are usually achievable.