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Lightning 12F

The Lightning 12F LED lamp driver is our most advanced LED pulse driver. The thin form factor makes it ideal for use on crowded DIN-rail cabinets. Small to medium sized LED lamps can be driven in either pulse or continuous mode. Pulse currents up to 12.5A


  • A great space saver on a DIN-rail
  • Fastest response time yet.
  • Easy to interface to most cameras

The enable input can be used as a trigger (when in pulse mode) or as an enable input.

The driver can be configured with the supplied software. The supplied DLL can be used to configure it from your own PC software.

As the protocol is fairly simple the Lightning 12F can also be manually configured through a serial terminal. This makes it well suitable as to be supplied as a dedicated driver, which can be provided with custom lamps.


– Driver max average power 30W
– Driver max pulse power (100µs) 550W
– End user can select lamp pulse intensity on a scale of 0 – 100%
– End user sets pulse duration in steps of 1µs
– driver limits pulse duration to protect lamp

– Accepts supply voltage between 20 and 28V
– Pulse current ranging 0 – 12.5A while drawing no more than 2A from the 24V rail
– continuous current ranging 0 – 1A
– Trigger input accepts  both 5V and 24V signal.

Lightning 12F LED pulse driver