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About Vision Hardware Partner

As the name implies:

Vision: Machine / computer vision

Hardware: Everything that is not (vision) software. Namely: electronics, Lighting, Mechanics, optics

Partner: The focus on working in close cooperation with the customers to maximise their products success.


A range of standard products is available for a quick and easy solution. But also there is the possibility of tailoring these standard products to the applications specific needs, or even providing full custom products and designs.

Vision Hardware Partner can provide customers with the complete path from electronics design to hardware production. Most of the engineering is done in house. Also a number of reliable partner companies cooperate with Vision Hardware Partner in assembling the electronics and mechanical products.

Extensive experience with the application of Vision systems in different environments like: The food and beverage industry, Traffic sensing systems, luggage handling systems etc, enables us to have a good understanding of our customers needs, and possibly advise them about possible solutions.


What can Vision Hardware Partner do for you?

Components for vision integrators

  • LED drivers, lighting and timing solutions
  • Lighting solutions
  • Camera / lighting cabinets

Tailormade solutions for OEM use

  • existing components tailored to your needs
  • Complete hardware solutions based on existing concepts
  • full custom system design

Design and consultancy

  • Electronics design
  • Embedded software design in C/C++
  • Design of embedded solutions
  • Consultancy on industrial machine vision solutions

How Vision Hardware Partner works

One contact for all communications

Being a small company we are able to provide you with a single contact person for al your
questions. Whether they are of technical, commercial or logistical nature, you can always contact
the same person. E-mail questions will usually be read also outside of office hours



Our target is to provide actual added value to our customers. Whenever possible we will try to
provide the customer with the product that suits his needs best. Some customers need low cost
solutions, others will need ruggedness without compromises. We are dedicated to finding the most
suitable combination for each one of our customers.
If you need only the PCB and not the housing, then this is what we will provide you. If you need
your product to function outside in all types of weather then we will make it weatherproof.
If you are in a hurry we have possibilities for speeding up the production process. (please note:
extra costs might apply).

Decent support

We have in depth knowledge of all our products. This means that we can provide the customer with
answers to most technical questions. Also most repairs can be done in house, ensuring short service