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DIN rail constant current 1.2A

Small form factor DIN rail mountable continuous current source for LED lamps up to 1.2A

Small form factor constant current source for industrial applications.

The “sett curr.” control knob allows the user to adjust the LED-lamp intensity between 0-100% of the set maximum current. Once the maximum current is set correctly using the “Curr. limit” trimmer, the user can safely adjust the lamp intensity without risking damage to the lamp.

The enable input can be used by a PC/PLC to switch the lamp off whenever it is not needed, thus saving power and minimizing heat dissipation in the lamp.



Input voltage: 12-35V(Optimal operating range: 18-35V)
Output voltage: 2.5V to Vin – 2V
Output current: adjustable 30mA – 1.2A
Efficiency at full load: 95%
Mode switch: always on, or set by enable input
Enable input voltage range: 3-30V
Enable input current draw (for on level) 5-10mA
Dimensions 76(h) x 49(w) x 50(d) mm (depth including connectors)