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I/O controller

The USB I/O controller is an elegant and affordable solution for adding robust digital I/O to a PC based computer.


  • No additional power necessary. powers through USB port
  • easy connection through detachable screw terminals per 4 inputs / ouputs
  • status indicators for all channels
  • status indicators for USB and controller status
  • fully galvanical separated inputs support 5V, 12V and 24V logic
  • fully galvanical separated outputs are current limited
  • average response time <5ms
  • demo software for easy testing
  • hardware pulse counters
  • programmable events for pin change and counter value compare
  • special set of timing features

Programmable events

for each input the user can select whether he wants to be notified about a change in level.
If the user selects to not be notified he can still retreive the values by a retreive command.


The I/O controller features two 16 bit hardware counter inputs. The user can either request the count values, or request to be notified at specific counter values. Also the user can be notified of the fact that the counter received a preset number of pulses

Timing features

As the timing of USB is controlled by the computer (usually Windows), the data latency cannot be guaranteed.
To compensate for this, the I/O controller has a set of special features.

  • input events can be time stamped with the counter values
  • Pulses / pulse trains of set length can be generated
  • pulses can be triggered by set counter values

PC software

A free set of software (including source code) is available.

  • A visualisation tool
  • A .NET class library API.
  • ¬†Available soon: API for C++