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EagleZ StereoVision Camera

Offered by Eagle Vision: A complete solution of both the camera hardware and an open source C++ SDK for depth and 3D reconstruction.

This solution can measure both color and depth. It can be used for a broad range of applications, including: People detection and tracking, measurement of dimensions and orientation of luggage and packaging like pallets and boxes, locating objects for pick and place robots, obstacle avoidance, etc.

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  • Interface: USB
  • Sensor resolution: 750 x 480
  • Sensor type: CMOS
  • Calibration parameters included for each camera


  • Open source C++ SDK
  • Integrated with OpenCV library
  • API for image capture, depth and 3D reconstruction


Also available: EagleEye stereovision solution

The EagleEye sensor comprises an EagleZ stereocamera combined with a mini computer and people tracking software. The sensor is ceiling-mounted and looking down. Based on advanced stereo image processing, each sensor tracks people or objects within its field of view. A scalable network of multiple EagleEye’s (EagleGrid) is capable of tracking people reliably over (very) large area’s. The EagleEye is used for applications in retail, home/health care, safety and security, public transportation, and others.


  • people tracking without any personal tag requirements  (like RFID, mobile)
  • 3D information on individual people position, pose, and behavior
  • 3D information on objects
  • scalable
  • privacy by design: images are processed on-board.
Eagle eye deployment